Basics of Wood Joinery

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22nd Mar To 24th Mar, 2021

Joinery — it’s just like it sounds… how things are joined together. When it’s applied to furniture, joinery relates to how the pieces go together. But not just how they fit together, because joinery can also refer to how they stay together. Certain woodworking joints offer different levels of strength to the joint, and depending on what you’re building (drawers, perhaps) strength can be an important consideration in your choice of joinery.

This lecture is filled with a variety of woodworking joints, many overlapping and expanding on one another. The most fundamental joints are covered. Essential — to know the right joint to use, and to know how to make that joint in the right way.

Day 1

Introduction about wood joints, hand tools, basic static woodworking machines
120 minutes

Day 2

Types of wood joints, developing process
120 minutes

Day 3

How and where to use Fixing Devices
120 minutes
5 questions
Assignment for Basics of Wood Joinery


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