Understanding the Municipal Drawings

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Duration: 6 Days
Lectures: 9
Video: 12 Hours
Level: Beginner

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22nd Feb to 27th Feb,2021

As an Architect or Designer, one should know the local Building Codes and bye-laws while designing a building. Formulated primarily by a central authority, building bye-laws ensure that constructions are not only safe but also adhere to aesthetic standards. In that sense, these regulate the construction and the architectural aspects of construction activities. For government approval of the project, it is necessary to make the drawings and submit it to the concerned planning authority. In this course, we will see what are the bye-laws, how to take them into consideration to make plans for submitting for construction approval.

Day 1

Introduction to the Bye-laws
90 Minutes

Day 2

Building Areas according to Bye-laws
90 Minutes

Day 3

Documents required for submission
90 Minutes

Day 4

Drawings required for submission
90 Minutes
4 questions

Day 5

Case Study of Bungalow ( I )
90 Minutes

Day 6

Case Study of Bunglow ( II )
90 Minutes

Day 7

Extra Class – 1
90 Minutes

Day 8

Extra Class – 2
90 Minutes
Assignment for Municipal Drawing


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Course Date :- 22nd Feb 2021 to 27th Feb,2021
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Understanding the Municipal Drawings